lexical entry

Letters that make lexical entry

a, e, l, n, c, r, t, i, y, x are letters that make 'lexical entry'

Words within lexical entry

entry, NT, IC, en, XI, ex, xi, ic, lexical, try, AL, CA, LE, Al, Ca are words within 'lexical entry'

1 possible definitions for 'lexical entry'

Lexical Entry as "the entry in a dictionary of information about a word"

Under this definition, lexical entry is a noun and has the following properties:


dictionary entry has the same meaning as lexical entry

lexical entry as a type

'lexical entry' can be a type of entry.

lexical entry as a part

'lexical entry' can be a part of dictionary, lexicon.

Parts of lexical entry

headword, citation form, main entry word, entry word are parts of 'lexical entry'.

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