bilingual dictionary

Letters that make bilingual dictionary

a, o, b, d, g, l, n, c, r, t, i, u, y are letters that make 'bilingual dictionary'

Words within bilingual dictionary

dictionary, lingua, ti, diction, IC, Lin, ar, ng, bilingual, on, il, li, ic, lingual, GU, in, CT, ling, AL, AR, IL, IN, Io, ion, NGU, Al, Ar, Bi, In, Li, Na, Ti are words within 'bilingual dictionary'

1 possible definitions for 'bilingual dictionary'

Bilingual Dictionary as "a dictionary giving equivalent words in two languages"

Under this definition, bilingual dictionary is a noun and has the following properties:

bilingual dictionary as a type

'bilingual dictionary' can be a type of dictionary, lexicon.

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