atomic number 87

Letters that make atomic number 87

a, o, b, e, n, c, m, r, t, i, u, 8, 7 are letters that make 'atomic number 87'

Words within atomic number 87

ER, number, MB, mi, IC, MI, nu, at, be, atomic number, numb, umber, atomic, 87, ic, tom, Mb, Tom, atom, At, Be, Er, atomic number 8 are words within 'atomic number 87'

Anagrams of atomic number 87

atomic number 78 is an anagram of 'atomic number 87'

1 possible definitions for 'atomic number 87'

Atomic Number 87 as "a radioactive element of the alkali-metal group discovered as a disintegration product of actinium"

Under this definition, atomic number 87 is a noun and has the following properties:


francium, Fr have the same meaning as 'atomic number 87'

atomic number 87 as a type

'atomic number 87' can be a type of metallic element, metal.

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