atomic number 8

Letters that make atomic number 8

a, o, b, e, n, c, m, r, t, i, u, 8 are letters that make 'atomic number 8'

Words within atomic number 8

ER, number, MB, mi, IC, MI, nu, at, be, atomic number, numb, umber, atomic, ic, tom, Mb, Tom, atom, At, Be, Er are words within 'atomic number 8'

1 possible definitions for 'atomic number 8'

Atomic Number 8 as "a nonmetallic bivalent element that is normally a colorless odorless tasteless nonflammable diatomic gas, constitutes 21 percent of the atmosphere by volume, the most abundant element in the earth's crust"

Under this definition, atomic number 8 is a noun and has the following properties:


oxygen, O have the same meaning as 'atomic number 8'

atomic number 8 as a type

'atomic number 8' can be a type of chemical element, element, gas.

Types of atomic number 8

liquid oxygen, LOX are types of 'atomic number 8'.

atomic number 8 as a substance

'atomic number 8' can be a substance of air, water, H2O, ozone.

Derivatives of atomic number 8

oxygenise, aerate, oxygenate, oxygenize are derivatives of 'atomic number 8'.

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